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1-gen-2014 From Clay to Pots: Pottery Production and Workplaces in Syria during the EB III-IV Peyronel, Luca; Vacca, Agnese
1-apr-2021 From Clubs to Communities. From Tourists to International Friends. Crisis Legacy in Music Organizations with Revenue Management and Relationship Marketing Besana, AngelaEsposito, Annamaria
1-gen-2006 From Contents to Processes: Versus a Dynamic Destination Management Model (DDMM) Sainaghi, Ruggero
1-gen-2010 From cubism to purism: art and dwelling in Le Corbusier's La Roche House-Gallery AGLIERI RINELLA, VINCENZO TIZIANO
1-gen-2018 From Culture 1.0 to Culture 3.0: Three Socio-Technical Regimes of Social and Economic Value Creation through Culture, and Their Impact on European Cohesion Policies Sacco, PierluigiFerilli, GuidoTavano Blessi, Giorgio
1-gen-2017 From Ebla to Kanesh and Vice Versa: reflections on Commercial Interactions and Exchanges between Northern Syria and Anatolia during the Middle Bronze Age Peyronel, Luca
1-gen-2016 From Ebla to Ugarit. Lead ingots in the Levant and Anatolia during the Bronze Age PEYRONEL, LUCA
1-dic-2011 From filmic heritage to long-lasting induced tourism: the singular italian case of the once unknown and anonymous Brescello PROVENZANO, ROBERTO
1-gen-2022 From Micro-level to Macro-level Legitimacy: Exploring how Judgments in Social Media Create Thematic Broadness at Meso-level Etter, Michael; Illia, Laura; Meggiorin, Katia; Colleoni, Elanor
1-gen-2020 From online experience to visiting the production plant: management challenges and communication opportunities Friel, Martha; Ben Youssef, Kamel; Murtarelli, GraziaRomenti, Stefania
1-ott-2009 From post-human consumer to the ontobranding dimension: mobile phones and other ubiquitous devices as a new way in which reality can promote itself Barile, Nello
1-dic-2014 From the Perspective of Artificial Intelligence: A New Approach to the Nature of Consciousness Jeschke, Sabina; Manzotti, Riccardo
1-gen-2013 From the Posthuman Consumer to the Ontobranding Dimension: Geolocalization, Augmented Reality and Emotional Ontology as a Radical Redefinition of What Is Real Barile, Nello
1-nov-2013 From the «inner space» to the suburbs. The re-­elaboration of North-­American urban frameworks in J. G. Ballard’s novels Chiurato, Andrea
1-gen-2022 From virtual reality to augmented reality: A neuromarketing perspective Russo, VincenzoBilucaglia, MarcoZito, Margherita
1-gen-2014 From Virtual to Digital Money. The Concept of Trust in the Era of Bitcoin Bustreo, Massimo; Masrcherpa, Valentina; Moro, Davide
1-gen-2014 From Weighing Wool to Weaving Tools. Textile Manufacture at Ebla during the Early Syrian Period in the Light of Archaeological Evidence Peyronel, Luca
1-apr-2021 From ‘Motivation’ to ‘Constraints’, from ‘Discourse’ to ‘Modeling System’: Steering Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis Towards Cybersemiotics Cannizzaro, Sara
1-gen-2012 The Frontier of Synthetic Knowledge DAMIANO, Luisa; CANAMERO L.
1-gen-2009 Frontiera e alterità Proietti, Paolo; Boccali, Renato
Mostrati risultati da 3.133 a 3.152 di 9.991
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