Re-examining the disputed question of the origin of the 3rd weak class of the Germanic verb system has led me to suppose the existence of verbs ending in a stem vowel in Germanic */a/. They could be derived both from nouns (as got. fastan, aat. fastēn ‘fasten, follow a rule’) and from other verbs (as got. witan, aat. wizzēn ‘watch, mind’). Their present form was characterized by the Germanic suffix *-ja- / *-je- (*-ji-), the heir of the well known and widespread ie. present tense suffix *-yo- / *-ye-. In origin the preterit form of this verb class obviously made no use of that suffix, but, as generally occurs in the other weak verbal classes, the preterit was formed by adding the Germanic morpheme *-đ- to the verb stem. The hypothesis proposed in this paper systematizes, in a simple and coherent whole, thoughts and reconstructive proposals which, as regards certain details, may have been heard before, but which have never been linked with each other to set up a single explaining model which can account for all the problems concerned with a complete reconstruction of the original distinguishing features of the Germanic 3rd weak class. One idea however is clearly new; that of having tried to resolve painful morphophonological problems related to the 3rd weak class verbs in the ingevonic languages in the light of the most recent phonological changes, which have affected modern Danish.

nuova ipotesi sulla formazione originaria della III cl. dei verbi deboli germanici.

Rivisitando i verbi deboli germanici della III cl., 2000.

Rivisitando i verbi deboli germanici della III cl.

Panieri, Luca


nuova ipotesi sulla formazione originaria della III cl. dei verbi deboli germanici.
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