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1-gen-2020 Employee Engagement and Employee Voice Behavior: Extending Research on the Organizational Conditions Conducive to a Climate of Voice Mazzei, AlessandraRavazzani, SilviaButera, Alfonsa
1-gen-2021 Naivety or carelessness? A study on individuals’ resistance to health risk communication and health risk prevention Jin, Y.; Ravazzani, S.Mazzei, A.Butera, A.; Reber, B.; Seo, Y.; Jun, H.; Mehta, A.; Riley, J.
1-gen-2021 Diversity and inclusion for valuing people: A country-sensitive look at the Italian context Ravazzani, SilviaMazzei, AlessandraFisichella, ChiaraAlfonsa, Butera
1-gen-2021 The role of internal communication during the Covid-19 pandemic and its intertwining with public risk communication. A study on Italian companies Mazzei, AlessandraQuaratino, LucaRavazzani, SilviaButera, AlfonsaFisichella, Chiara
1-gen-2022 Getting employees on board in pandemic times: A changed context for internal crisis communication Ravazzani S.Mazzei A.Butera A.
1-gen-2022 Rethinking Internal Communication between “New Normal” and “Next Normal”: An Overview of current and emerging practices Ravazzani S.Mazzei A.Butera A.
1-giu-2022 Internal crisis communication strategies: Contingency factors determining an accommodative approach Mazzei, AlessandraRavazzani, SilviaFisichella, ChiaraButera, AlfonsaQuaratino, Luca
1-gen-2023 The affective commitment of newcomers in hybrid work contexts: A study on enhancing and inhibiting factors and the mediating role of newcomer adjustment Mazzei A.Ravazzani S.Butera A.Conti S.Fisichella C.
1-gen-2023 The Future of PR/Comms and their Social Impact. Results of an International Delphi-Method Study Ana Adi; Thomas Stoeckle; Melike Aktaş Kuyucu; Türkiye Anca Anton; Romania Monica Arzuaga-Williams; Gabriela Baquerizo; Rene Benecke; Banu Bıçakçı; Alfonsa Butera; Carolina Carbone; Keren Darmon; Anette Degenaar; Nicky Garsten; Gabriela Giler; Lida Holtzhausen; Lina Jakucioniene; Maureen Kalane; Kiranjit Kaur; Neil Levy; Rachel Lungile Mothibatsela; Renata Matkeviciene; Alessandra Mazzei; Corne Meintjes; Margoth Mena Young; Padhma Moodley; Darius Mukiza; Dominic Maximilian Ofori; Klement Podnar; Michelle Ponto; Silvia Ravazzani; Vickie Sheriff; Ana María Suárez Monsalve; Petra Theunissen; Anthony Tibaingana; Katharina Wolf; Heather Young
1-gen-2023 Rethinking the Way of Working: In Search of Sustainable Engagement Alessandra MazzeiLuca QuaratinoAlfonsa ButeraConti Sara
1-gen-2023 Diversity, equity and inclusion: A study on communication practices for a more sustainable workplace Ravazzani S.Fisichella C.Mazzei A.Butera A.
1-ott-2023 Diversity reputation in a marketing perspective: Insights from a study among italian companies Fisichella C.Ravazzani S.Butera A.Mazzei A.
1-dic-2023 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Stato dell’arte nelle aziende italiane. Ravazzani SilviaMazzei AlessandraButera AlfonsaFisichella Chiara
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