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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autori File
1-gen-2016 Archaeology of Concepts’ as research method Cannizzaro, Sara
1-gen-2016 Internet memes as internet signs: A semiotic view of digital culture Cannizzaro, Sara
1-giu-2016 The philosophy of semiotic information Sara Cannizzaro
1-set-2016 Culture as Habit, Habit as Culture: Instinct, Habituescence, Addiction Cannizzaro, Sara; Anderson, Myrdene
1-gen-2017 Ten years of cyberpunk, information and clay pipes Sara Cannizzaro
1-gen-2017 Happiness in Higher Education Alex Elwick; Sara Cannizzaro
1-gen-2018 The devil is not in the detail: representational absence and stereotyping in the ‘Trojan Horse’ news story Sara Cannizzaro; Reza Gholami
1-gen-2019 Adoption and Acceptability sara cannizzaro; rob procter; Joseph Lindley; Paul Coulton
1-gen-2019 Ownability Joseph Galen Lindley; Paul Coulton; Haider Akmal; Duncan Hay; Max Van Kleek; Sara Cannizzaro; Reuben Binns
1-gen-2019 Adoption and Acceptability of Smart Devices for the Home Cannizzaro, S.; Procter, R.; Sinong Ma, null; Maple, C.
1-gen-2020 Review of The Poetics of Digital Media Cannizzaro, Sara
1-gen-2020 Identifying Attack Surfaces in the Evolving Space Industry Using Reference Architectures Bradbury, Matthew; Maple, Carsten; Yuan, Hu; Atmaca, Ugur Ilker; Cannizzaro, Sara
1-mag-2020 Trust in the smart home: Findings from a nationally representative survey in the {UK} Sara Cannizzaro; Rob Procter; Sinong Ma; Carsten Maple
1-gen-2021 The end of Sebeok’s century meets twenty-first century pandemic: modeling through and beyond Sebeok’s systems, semiotics, science Cannizzaro, Sara; Anderson, Myrdene
1-apr-2021 From ‘Motivation’ to ‘Constraints’, from ‘Discourse’ to ‘Modeling System’: Steering Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis Towards Cybersemiotics Cannizzaro, Sara
1-gen-2022 Bridging the Discursive and Material Dimensions of Europeanity and Europeanisation: A Participatory Semantic Approach Carpentier Nico; Hroch, Milos; Cannizzaro, SaraMiconi, Andrea; Doudaki, Vaia
1-apr-2022 Ethics of climate engineering: Don’t forget technology has an ethical aspect too Brooks, Laurence; Cannizzaro, Sara; Umbrello, Steven; Bernstein, Michael J.; Richardson, Kathleen
7-set-2022 How Is the Internet of Things Industry Responding to the Cybersecurity Challenges of the Smart Home? Cannizzaro, Sara; Procter, Rob
1-gen-2023 From Eueopanization to EU-ization: The Media Case Papathanassopoulos, Stylianos; Cannizzaro, SaraMiconi, Andrea
1-gen-2024 European narratives on social media platforms: the Italian case during the Covid-19 pandemic Miconi, AndreaCannizzaro, SaraRisi, Elisabetta
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 20
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