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1-gen-2012 Value in Informational Capitalism and on the Internet. A reply to Christian Fuchs Arvidsson, Adam; Colleoni, Elanor
1-gen-2013 CSR communication for organizational legitimacy in social media Colleoni, Elanor
1-gen-2014 Echo Chamber or Public Sphere? Predicting Political Orientation and Measuring Political Homophily in Twitter Using Big Data Colleoni, E; Rozza, A; Arvidsson, A
1-lug-2016 Makers. The making of the human city Vicari, Serena; Colleoni, Elanor; D'Ovidio, Marianna
1-gen-2018 Measuring Organizational Legitimacy in Social Media: Assessing Citizens' Judgments With Sentiment Analysis Etter, M; Colleoni, E; Illia, L; Meggiorin, K; D'Eugenio, A
1-nov-2018 La solidarietà connettiva: co-working e la ricomposizione del lavoro creativo Arvidsson, Adam; Colleoni, Elanor
1-gen-2019 Why would the rise of social media increase the influence of traditional media on collective judgments? A response to Blevins and Ragozzino Ravasi, Davide; Etter, Michael; Colleoni, Elanor
1-gen-2019 Social media and the formation of organizational reputation Etter, Michael; Ravasi, Davide; Colleoni, Elanor
1-gen-2021 Does sharing economy have a moral capital? Comparing semantic networks in social media and news media Colleoni, Elanor; Ludovico, Nuccio; Illia, Laura; Kiron, Ravindran
1-gen-2021 Exploring how publics discursively organize as digital collectives: the use of empty and floating signifiers as organizing devices in social media Colleoni, Elanor; Illia, Laura; Zyglidopoulos, Stelios
1-gen-2021 How infomediaries on Twitter influence business outcomes of a bank Illia, Laura; Colleoni, Elanor; Meggiorin, Katia
1-gen-2021 Computer-Assisted Concept Analysis of Customer Centricity: A Review of the Literature on Employee Engagement, Culture, Leadership, and Identity Co-Creation Colleoni, E; Bonaiuto, F; Illia, L; Bonaiuto, M
1-dic-2021 Mens rea, wrongdoing and digital advocacy in social media: Exploring quasi-legal narratives advocated by boycotters during #deleteuber Illia, Laura; Colleoni, Elanor; Ludovico, Nuccio; Ranvidran, Kiron
1-gen-2022 Critical Issues in Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and their Implications for Digital Marketing Colleoni, ElanorCorsaro, Daniela
1-gen-2022 Being best in the world or best for the world? Fostering CSR cooperative behaviors through communication Illia, Laura; Alberti, Elena; Murtarelli, GraziaColleoni, Elanor
1-gen-2022 “I am impressed by how quickly they changed”: The impact of CSR communication initiatives during COVID-19 among Millennials in Italy Colleoni, ElanorOlivieri, MirkoRomenti, StefaniaMurtarelli, Grazia
1-gen-2022 Does Culture Matter? Measuring Cross-Country Perceptions of CSR Communication Campaigns about COVID-19 Colleoni, ElanorRomenti, Stefania; Valentini, Chiara; Badham, Mark; Choi, Sung In; kim, Sungsu; Jin, Yan
1-gen-2022 Critical issues in artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms Colleoni, ElanorCorsaro, Daniela
1-gen-2022 Does Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Recruitment Improve Employer Branding? Baratelli, Giulia; Colleoni, Elanor
1-gen-2022 From Micro-level to Macro-level Legitimacy: Exploring how Judgments in Social Media Create Thematic Broadness at Meso-level Etter, Michael; Illia, Laura; Meggiorin, Katia; Colleoni, Elanor
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 29
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