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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autori File
1-gen-2023 5 Proficiency of Metaverse using virtual reality for industry and users perspective Deepa, B. G.; Senthil, S.; Zaiba, S.; Danish, D. S.; Tripathi, Kshitiz; Bruno, Alessandro
1-gen-2021 Advanced Cyber and Physical Situation Awareness in Urban Smart Spaces Zoheir Sabeur; Constantinos Marios Angelopoulos; Liam Collick; Natalia Chechina; Deniz Cetinkaya; Alessandro Bruno
1-gen-2023 AIxPAC 2023 - Preface to the 1st Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Perception and Artificial Consciousness Bruno Alessandro; Pipitone Arianna; Manzotti Riccardo; Augello Agnese; Mazzeo Pier Luigi; Vella Filippo; Chella Antonio
1-gen-2022 Artificial intelligence for genomics: a look into it Bruno, A; Gao, ML; Pradhan, D; Pradeep, N; Ghonge, MM
1-gen-2017 Automatic multi-seed detection for MR breast image segmentation Comelli, A.; Bruno, A.; Di Vittorio, M. L.; Ienzi, F.; Lagalla, R.; Vitabile, S.; Ardizzone, E.
1-gen-2021 A Bottom-Up Review of Image Analysis Methods for Suspicious Region Detection in Mammograms Parita Oza; Paawan Sharma; Samir Patel; Alessandro Bruno
17-nov-2017 Building a Custom Machine Translation Engine as part of a Postgraduate University Course: a Case Study Farrell, Michael
1-gen-2015 Copy-Move Forgery Detection by Matching Triangles of Keypoints Ardizzone, E.; Bruno, A.; Mazzola, G.
1-gen-2010 Copy-move forgery detection via texture description Ardizzone, E.; Bruno, A.; Mazzola, G.
1-gen-2023 Crowd Counting via Attention and Multi-Feature Fused Network Guo, XY; Gao, ML; Pan, JF; Shang, JR; Souri, A; Li, QL; Bruno, A
1-gen-2023 CSR & Sentiment Analysis: a new customized dictionary Emma, ZavarroneAlessia, Forciniti
9-lug-2023 Current evidence of post-editese: differences between post-edited neural machine translation output and human translation revealed through human evaluation Michael Farrell
1-gen-2022 Cyber-Physical Behaviour Detection and Understanding using Artificial Intelligence Sabeur, Zoheir; Bruno, Alessandro; Johnstone, Liam; Ferjani, Marouane; Benaouda, Djamel; Arbab-zavar, Banafshe; Cetinkaya, Deniz; Sallal, Muntadhar
1-gen-2021 A deep learning saliency model for exploring viewers' dwell-time distributions over Areas Of Interest on webcam-based eye-tracking data Bruno Alessandro; Marouane Tliba; and Arzu Coltekin
1-gen-2023 Detecting colour vision deficiencies via Webcam-based Eye-tracking: A case study Alessandro Bruno; Marouane Tliba; Mohamed Amine Kerkouri; Aladine Chetouani; Carlo Calogero Giunta; Arzu Çöltekin
1-gen-2010 Detecting multiple copies in tampered images Ardizzone, E.; Bruno, A.; Mazzola, G.
1-gen-2022 Digital Twins for the Intelligent Detection of Malicious Activities in Urban Spaces Sabeur, Zoheir; Bruno, Alessandro; Johnstone, Liam; Ferjani, Marouane; Benaouda, Djamel; Cetinkaya, Deniz; Arbab-zavar, Banafshe; Sallal, Muntadhar; Hardiman, Benjamin
25-nov-2022 Do translators use machine translation and if so, how? Results of a survey held among professional translator Michael Farrell
1-set-2023 Do translators use machine translation and if so, how? Results of a survey held among professional translators farrell
1-gen-2022 A domain adaptive deep learning solution for scanpath prediction of paintings Kerkouri, Mohamed Amine; Tliba, Marouane; Chetouani, Aladine; Bruno, Alessandro
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 59
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